ThisĀ is the process of installing new gutters in your commercial or residential building. It is advisable to hire a professional to install gutters in your building to ensure they get installed properly.

Gutter Replacement For Frankfort, Indiana

How to Tell When it is Time for a New Gutter

Many indicators show your gutters need replacement. They are:

  • Orange or rust areas
  • Sagging gutters
  • Peeling or cracking paint
  • Mildew and water around the foundation
  • Water damage around gutters
  • Splits and cracks

Types of Gutters

There are various types of gutters available in various prices, colors, and sizes that suit your needs and budget. Gutters are classified in categories of their shape or their construction material.

1. Shape

Under the shape category, there are two main types. They are:

Half-round Gutters

It is a common type of gutter among homeowners and builders. As its name suggests, it is half-round in shape. It is popular among many buildings as they are relatively cheaper than K-shape gutters, and it is easy to install.

K-shape Gutters

It is a type of gutter with a "K" shape since it has flat backs and bottoms. Its front side usually is in some decorative styles such as a curve. These gutters are available in different sizes, the common ones being the 6-inch and 5-inch wide K- shaped gutters.

2. Construction Material

Under the construction material category, there are many types of gutters. Some of them include:


Steel gutters are gutters made using steel. They have a long lifetime, and some varieties are rust-resistant. However, if you compare them to other gutters made from other materials, they do not last long as they begin rusting five years after installation.


  • They are not DIY friendly
  • They are more expensive
  • They are quite heavy

Seamless Aluminum

For homeowners who prefer custom-made gutters, seamless aluminum gutters are an excellent option. These gutters are able to reduce the chances of leaking and reduce seams. Depending on your building needs, these gutters are made on the spot from a flat aluminum spool.

It is advisable to have this type of gutters installed by a professional to ensure proper installation.


  • They can reduce the chances of leaking
  • They can reduce seams


  • This type of gutter is more expensive as compared to its regular aluminum counterpart.


It is the most common type of gutter material due to its ease of installation and its lightweight. They are relatively long-lasting even in snowy regions and are rust-resistance. Besides, they are available in different colors.


  • They are long-lasting


  • They are susceptible to leaking


These are among the most popular type of gutters among builders and homeowners. It is because they are cheap, lightweight, and DIY-friendly.


  • They are cheap
  • They are lightweight
  • They are DIY-friendly


  • They are susceptible to color fading due to strong UV sunlight and
  • Can crack in severe winter conditions.

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