Window Replacement

Windows Replacement

Window Replacement

Is your home or office in need of new windows? Learn more about the early warning signs for when your windows are going bad. Also learn about the many different types of windows available.

Window Replacement Contractors For Frankfort, Indiana

Window replacement is the process that entails the removal of old or damaged windows and the installation of new windows.

Signs that You Need Window Replacement in Your Home

It would be best if you looked for many indicators to know the time that your house needs window replacement. These indicators include:

  • Increase in energy costs
  • Poor window operation
  • A buildup of moisture between the window panes
  • Decaying frames
  • Visible damage

Types of Windows

There are many types of windows that you can use to replace your building's old or damaged windows. It is vital to use a professional window installer's services to ensure that your building's windows get fitted properly. These types of windows include:

1. Double-Hung Windows

These are windows having two sashes that vertically slide in the frame in an upward and downward direction. They can open wide from either the bottom or the top. However, to avoid their protrusion either to the house's interior or exterior, they remain inside the frame.


  • They are effective air circulators
  • They are attractive and increase the curb appeal of your home


  • They require more effort to move their window panes
  • They have spillage problems if not properly maintained

Double-Hung Windows We Suggest

  • Innovation Windows
    • Details from the manufacturer- Home Guard:
      • Americas first Hybrid window… Virgin PVC & Carbon Composite.
      • DP (Design Pressure) Double Hung DP55, Slider DP 60 Casement Heavy Commercial DP 75.
      • Fourteen Extrusion Color Combinations including Black Exterior Laminate.
      • 20 Color options (PROMATCH) that exactly match HGI Patio Doors and Entry Doors.
      • Anti-Burglar lock system, magnetic seals, quad weather-strip and dual action hubs.
      • Custom colors, custom sizes, custom shapes.
      • Best insulated glass available with hundreds of option combinations.
      • Best warranty in the industry as well as the Good Housekeeping seal of Approval.
      • Always Double Strength insulated glass… no stress cracks… better sound protection.
  • Homestar Windows
    • Details from the manufacturer- Home Guard:
      • Fully contoured lift rail designed for easy lift.
      • Clean corner shadow grooving on fusion welded sash.
      • Fully fusion welded sash and frame.
      • Beveled Exterior for clean exterior lines.
      • Flush mounted cam action lock for an unobstructed view and increased security.
      • Interlocking sashes remain solid and strong in high winds.
      • Safety locking tilt bar allows sash to safely tilt.
      • Smooth glide Block & Tackle balance system.
      • Equal sight lines for clean, symmetrical appearance.
      • Forced entry rated night latch for safe ventilation.
      • Low profile tilt latch for sleek design and easy tilting.
      • Double strength glass* reduces noise/prevents breakage.

2. Casement Windows

The operating mechanism of these windows is by the turn of a crack. You can either hinge the in the right or the left to open outward.


  • They are able to let in a lot of natural light
  • They are an energy-efficient window type
  • They are available in different styles and designs


  • Many find them not to be as attractive as double- or single-hung windows

3. Single-Hung Windows

They are similar to the double-hung windows but only open from their bottom side.


  • They are cheaper than double-hung windows
  • Since they open from the bottom, they have no spillage problem


  • They do not have effective air circulation as compared to their double-hung counterparts

4. Awning Windows

It is a type of window that lets in air from the bottom, right or left since they open outward. You can install them alongside, beside, or above an operating or stationary window.


  • They are easy to open and close due to their easy-crank operation mechanism
  • They allow adequate natural air circulation
  • They are excellent for a region that experience a lot of rain as they can be opened slightly to allow room for natural air circulation without exposing the interior of the building to these weather elements


  • Their rectangular shape makes them unsuitable for many building styles

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